Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all are equal, together we can make world a better place to live in & that is the mission of The Notable Society World Wide.

We are striving to make world a better place through our nine areas of focus, Through providing the needy, providing clean drinking water, Fighting against epidemics, Promoting Peace & Harmony, Saving Infants, Working for Women Empowerment, Supporting Education, Protecting Rape & Acid victims, To eradicate corruption & injustice.

We are bringing business and professional leaders to a page in order to provide humanitarian services to the society and to advance good will & peace across the globe, Our Motto is “To Serve Above One’s Own Self” The Notable Society is created to raise awareness regarding injustice in society.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We Find the poor & needy who need our support & then give them adequate funds to survie in there daily life.


— We Build Networks

We Build Networks among different communities & religions in order to raise awareness & let them live in peace & harmony


— We Provide Water

It is major problem in the third world countries so we help local communities and give them funds in order to gain access to clean & drinking water.


— We Educate

It is one of the major problems in the third world countries as children are denied the right of primary education so we provide funds to educate them.


— We Provide Care

Most women in the third world countries die due to the lack of health facilities during delivery so we give funds to local communities & build health care facilities.


— We Fight Injustice

Due to corruption injustice is common among many societies and it is mother of all the crimes so we help governments to eradicate corruption in order to fight against injustice.